A little update… 2019

Good afternoon! I realized recently I had updated the Facebook page and not the blog!

Aries is doing very well! For a couple of years now, Aries has been living up in the foothills of the Sierras with his own little band of horses. Aries is basking in retirement, bossing around his little band. My friend Jenny owns the property, and she updates me frequently with how the big guy is doing. Aries has a few mares and a couple geldings. His favorite mare is a mustang…shocking right? Glory and Aries pal around all the time. She is the black mare in the photos below

I don’t get up to see him as often as I like, but I always relish the opportunity when it comes along. Here are some photos from a recent visit.


Glory was smitten from Day 1….



And just today I received some photos of Aries enjoying his first snow in probably 9 years!


Please go check out our Facebook page for some videos!

And keep an eye out… I’m hoping to be offering some more updates on Aries!

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1 Response to A little update… 2019

  1. Betsy says:

    I guess I Havn’t followed all the series but I thought Aries would have made a glorious dressage horse! Why was he retired?

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