Little Update: We’ve moved!

On Sunday, I loaded the boys up and we set off for our new digs!


The boys are happily getting to know their new barn.


They have their own stables at night, but get turned out during the day. Best of both worlds!!!!

1975081_783827081639734_4138671909031463784_nI also have been having a bit of fun with my GoPro camera. Here is a cute little clip of Picasso and I in the irrigation canal a couple of weeks ago. Picasso has his water wings on and we do a beautiful synchronized swimming routine.

Click here to view

More coming soon from the boys as we really get into some good training and progress.

I also wanted to introduce a new character into our little story:

This is Cochise!


While I was away in Australia, my mother bought her very first horse! It’s been a few years in the making with some good candidates, but no suitable horse! But we were fortunate to find Mr Cochise here through my friend Miranda Payne.

Cochise is a 7 year old appendix quarter horse. He technically qualifies as a paint by his markings, but really he’s a quarter horse with lots of “chrome.”


Cochise is as sweet as honey. Very quiet and even tempered. He is a nice “mother safe” horse.


So look forward to watching his journey as well!

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